Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Serving from the heart....what do you think that means? I think it means exactly what it says....serving in areas where your heart leads you to serve. Sometimes we also may serve in areas where our heart doesn't necessarily lead us to serve, but once we get there; we realize that we were suppose to be serving there all along. And sometimes we get there and realize that maybe it's not something God was calling us to do. I also think that serving means being the hands and feet of Jesus, as well as or in addition to, serving with financial support. We are told to be cheerful givers.

2 Corinthians 9:7 (New International Version)

7Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

I know for me, I was never taught to tithe; so when I started attending church regularly....it felt odd and oftentimes my tithe took a backseat to other expenditures. Now I treat tithing as a monthly expense, and I pray about it often. I feel that although NPayne and I are not in a financial place to tithe the 10% The Bible tells us to....we are giving "what we have decided in our hearts to give". I can't speak for NPayne, but I can say that I honestly tithe cheerfully; but I also tithe with a longing for more. To some people, our tithe may not seem like much....but to us, it is; and we do give til it hurts. In a few years, many things will change....our house will be paid for, many of our debts will be paid off, and although we will accrue new expenses with having a child of driving age and then college and then another child to follow and another and another and another.....I feel positive that we will be able to tithe more. Before our current pastor was our pastor, there was a pastor who led our church....who....how shall I say this kindly....let everything revolve around money. Now I am not being judgmental....I'm not.....I'm being honest. There were many inappropriate handlings of people in the congregation's money, and it was not pretty. It was a manipulative situation, and if you didn't tithe A LOT....you were not invited to sit on any committee or be involved with any sort of decision making or leadership in the church; so of course....NPayne and I were NEVER invited. As a matter of fact, when someone mentioned my name for a committee....they were told "NO" and it was because I didn't "give" enough. It didn't matter if a member walked the walk and talked the talk....if you didn't "give" enough money....in this man's opinon....you were just a number in the count on Sunday morning. I'll admit later when I found out about all of this manipulation, misuse, etc.; I was a little angry but mostly I was sad. I felt like I was being judged on my monetary worth only and who cares if you LOVE Jesus, are being called to serve, want to serve, are giving until it hurts....that doesn't make any difference. But I know IT DOES! I know that committees, in our church and maybe all churches, should be made up of people with a vested interest in the church and congregation and all of those we serve. I know that sometimes that's people who are the hands and feet, sometimes that's people who have the financial means, and sometimes that's people who are both. I know it may seem like an odd dream for those who already tithe 10% or those who have never tithed at all, but I cannot wait until the day comes that we can tithe more. I feel like it is a gift for us to be able to support our church, its missions, and ministries by going out and doing, by praying, and by giving! I thank God for the opportunity to serve with gifts, service, presence and witness!

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