Friday, October 22, 2010


There are a lot of things I want to do in my lifetime. Honestly most of them involve living life the way God intended and nothing too fancy.
Would I like to go to Italy?
Would I like to go on a cruise?
Would I like to own a fancy car?
Would I like to own a vacation home?
These are definitely things I would do....if given the opportunity (except driving the fancy car....I'm not a fancy car kinda gal), BUT....these are not goals I strive to do in my lifetime. I think these are things that would definitely be grand and probably something I would enjoy thoroughly. However the things I would really like to my lifetime are things I know would excite me beyond belief and things I would enjoy IMMENSELY.
I've always wanted to be on The Price Is Right....not just in the audience, but an actual contestant! Playing Plinko or whatever and spinning the wheel to get in the SHOWCASE!!! Yes siree!
I've always wanted to go on a tour of Graceland....I'm an Elvis fan....not a fanatic...just a fan! But I think Nashville, Memphis, many parts of Tennessee would be great to see; but especially Graceland.
I've always wanted to go to a World Series game....any game really....but if it was one where my home team was playing....HELP ME HENRY...that would be simply spectacular.
I've never doubted my Texas Rangers could make it to a World Series, although they haven't yet. As I sit here and type this, I watch them playing for the Championship against the Yankees. One more game and....WORLD SERIES here we come. Baseball is by far my favorite sport.
NPayne likes BB too, but his favorite would be football. Many years ago, we were given the chance to go to the SuperBowl in Atlanta. Not only did we get to go to the Super Bowl, BUT we got to see our home team....the Dallas Cowboys play and....drum roll please....WIN! I'll have to admit it was pretty grand. Now we are this close to seeing our favorite baseball team play in the world series, and ....drum roll please....I know they can WIN! Although I likely won't get to actually attend the world series and have that dream come to fruition....since the tickets in the upper deck are currently selling for about $400. I'm not giving up on them going again and getting a chance to go. As for this year, I'm not completely giving up on going. I'll keep begging searching for a ticket I can afford. The tailgating, souvenirs, dot races are all fun; but for's all about the game.
Now....excuse me while I look for things in our house to I can get a ticket! ;) I'll keep you posted on the outcome!

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