Sunday, October 2, 2011


Sometimes I think I'm weird....okay a lot of times I think I'm weird. I've decided that being "weird" is okay with me. "Weird" is my general term for ecclectic, unique, unusual, neurotic, obsessive, and many other words that I could use to describe myself. It's easier to just say, "I'm weird!" and be done with it. Here's why I think I can be weird....
I can't stand to go barefoot....never at all....never....except when I'm forced to like while showering, but I don't care to wear socks either.
Not a fan of crowds, waiting in line, loud noises....pretty much nothing worth waiting in line for or being in a crowd to me.
I like the sound of silence....complete silence.
I love the taste of pickle juice, but I'm not a huge fan of pickles.
I would be 100% okay if we didn't have a TV in our house....anywhere in our house...but I have to have a radio.
I could survive on cereal, yogurt, coffee, and laughing cow cheese.
I like the towels to be folded a certain way and put on the shelf with the fold facing out.
I like tea sweet or unsweet....not particular about this one.
I only drink black coffee when I'm eating breakfast foods. Any other time, I need it to be flavored up.
Must have my toe nails painted but rarely have my finger nails painted.
I am easily annoyed AND easily humored.
I'm extremely sentimental but barely sympathetic.
I would be okay if I didn't leave my house for a week at a time.
Not a fan of dusting, sweeping, grocery shopping; but I enjoy doing laundry, cleaning the bathroom, and mopping.
Only wear make up, because I need to wear make up; and I'm not very good at putting it on.
Can't stand to be cold, can't stand to be hot....need to be "just right"!
Absolutely loved my body when I was pregnant....any other time....not so much!
Prefer my dishes to be put away in a certain way on a certain shelf.
DOES NOT like eating on paper plates when I have perfectly good dishes to eat on.
Not a fan of party favors for kids at birthday parties.
I love living in an old house that looks old and feels old.
Prefers hand me downs and second hand to just about anything brand new.
I love fancy shoes, but I usually only wear flip flops.
Doesn't mind my style being referred to as "granny" or "old lady", because I loved my granny and all her stuff!
Really wants to be in better shape but really HATES to exercise.
Loves my family and friends....actually I think this one is pretty "normal".

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