Wednesday, September 28, 2011

September 28....The Best Day of 2003!

Happy Birthday to My Sweet Bryna Mae. She arrived early but took a long time to get here. After eight very long days in NICU, we brought our sweet baby girl home to a house full of love. B, B-Nut, Bryna Mae.....she is my child that stumps me the most. NPayne and I use to half joke about where she came from.....because she has her own unique look. Bryna is not much like me, and she's not much like her daddy. She is her own very strong and ecclectic personality. She is my child that will drive me mad and two minutes later drive me happy. My child who sings her way through everything and doesn't even realize she's singing. My child who is referred to as "the happiest little girl I know". girl who is musically gifted, can talk her way into and out of a lot of trouble, my girl who lives in her own little world. girl who still loves to hold my hand, shrieks my name happily when I come home, loves to snuggle with me in my bed, and still wants me to sing her a bedtime song. girl who still loves her "Lovey", kicks her shoes off the minute she walks into the house (even if it's not our house), never met a stranger, has a heart full of joy. only child who wrote on the walls, cut her hair to the scalp (just last week), sneaks into the candy bowl, and spends every dime she has. girl without a care in the world....sometimes I wish I were as carefree as she is! Happy Birthday Bryna Mae stole my heart 8 years ago, and I absolutely adore you!
(More Bryna photos coming soon as soon as I figure out why blogger won't let me upload anymore).

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