Sunday, May 6, 2012


Great lesson in SS today.  I am a huge fan of the NOOMA videos by Rob Bell.  I think he has a really cool and creative way of making his point, and I think his points are so very valid.  The one we watched today was entitled Corner.  It was about how sometimes successes can over ride what's really important.  I'm sure some of you think....Yea, I know, I've heard this before.  And honestly I have too, but I love the way Rob gets the point across.  Sometimes we get so busy and have so much that we forget to cherish the little things that we use to cherish, that we throw away the scraps instead of sharing them with someone who may need them, that we lose touch with Christ and each other.  In the video there is someone cutting away at some fabric and instead of throwing out the scraps, that are cut away, she uses them to embellish a little girl's dress.  The end of the video shows the little girl skipping happily down the street with her "new" dress.  The main point Rob was trying to make was...."Our overflow can be someone else's necessity!"  I love that!  It is exactly how it's not a fancy or complicated way of saying what's true.....sometimes people need our extras!  The other point he made was....we often have what we think others need, and when we share it; we discover that they had what we wanted all along.  That may sound a little more complicated, but what he is saying is that oftentimes when we give back; we are the ones who benefit more than the people who receive our "scraps or overflow".  What I kept thinking throughout the video was that even if we have overflow or have nothing, really it's not ours anyway.  Everything belongs to GOD.....EVERYTHING!  We do with it what He tells us to do.  One of my main goals in raising my children has been to teach them that what we have is way more than we need, and instead of consuming it all for ourselves or throwing away our "scraps"; we give back.  We are called to serve.  Today in the church bulletin was a blurb about our next "Fiesta".  Our church has adopted a lower income community in our neighborhood, and we help them with many things....remodeling and fixing up their homes, school supplies, Christmas gifts, lunch for their children in the summers, and sometimes we have FIESTA just for fun.  Well a Fiesta is coming up.  Drew saw this and was so excited.  My girls love to go and play with the children there.  But this time she was excited, because she has a plan.  She's been making these little dolls, and she has decided to give each girl in that community one of her handmade dolls.  When I see my children think of these ways to give back and serve others, all on their own, I can imagine my God smiling and patting them on the head and saying...."Yes my child, you understand!"

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