Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28th, The Best Day of 1999!

Thirteen years ago today, Callahan Leigh Payne entered our lives and our hearts.  Cal changed our lives in ways we never dreamed he would.  Cal was a big, beautiful, baby boy who I referred to as my "Chunk of Love."  He was almost 10 pounds at birth and always the smiley, lovey dovey baby boy!  When Cal was about 2, we noticed some things that concerned us a little.  By the time he was 3 1/2, we noticed some things that concerned us a little more.  By the time he was 4, he had been diagnosed with Fragile X and Autism.   Little did we know how challenging this would be but little did we know how blessed we would be!  Cal has won the hearts of anyone who has ever spent anytime with him...whether it be 30 minutes or 30 hours.  When people take the time to listen to him, watch him, interact with him; they fall in love with him!  He's endearing and sweet and yes he can be annoying, but mostly he's amazing.  Cal has taught so many people valuable things about life.....especially me.  He has taught us that we should never judge a book by its cover, or never judge never know what challenges people are facing.  He has taught us to embrace the little things....that you should never take anything for granted.  He has taught us that a simple life is a good, no a great, way to live.  He has taught us that God does bring good out of all circumstances.  He has taught us that we are never too old to play.  He has taught us that we should never be embarrassed to embrace things we love.  Cal is my only boy, my Lone Ranger....he is my most favorite thirteen year old.  I adore you Callahan Leigh Payne, and I am proud to be your Mama!

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Elyse said...

Cal is such a special gift and an amazing guy! Happy Belated birthday to him! He is just amazing!