Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Tomorrow is the baby girl, my fifth child, my fourth daughter....I will register her for kindergarten!  SIGH!  I can't believe it.  All of my children will be in school next year, and I will be....well...alone!  Actually I will be working, now that I have a full time job...not that being a mother isn't a full time job; so really I have more than one full time job.  I remember when my first born was little, and then came my second and quickly after my third....and I was eager for preschool to start each fall.  Kindergarten......not so much!  It's a different story....I was never ready for that, although my kiddos were....well most of them anyway.  Kindergarten is for "big" kids who can't take their lovies to school anymore and don't get to take a nap at school anymore and can't sit in their teacher's lap anymore and don't stay home with me a few days a week anymore.  Kindergarten is what so many mamas can't wait for, but for comes way too fast....and I miss my baby girl so deeply already that my body physically hurts.  I'm not sure how I will feel come August when she actually goes.  She will love it, that I know, and she is ready, that I know; but it has still come way too fast.

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