Thursday, March 28, 2013


I just returned from Maundy Thursday aka Holy Thursday service at church....I haven't been in the sanctuary in a while, and it was nice to be there and strange all at the same time.  After the service and readings, we waited with anticipation to have our hands washed and take communion.  My eldest, Addi, and I have both had a rough week....for different reasons....nonetheless it's been rough for both of us.  We were both a little cranky when we went into the sanctuary, and it took me a while to join into singing and reading as my mind was wandering; but then I focused as Pastor Rick began reading from John 13.  When we went up to wash hands....I washed hers.  As I poured the water on her hands, I looked at her face....that beautiful face....the one that calls me "MOM"; and all my irritations and concerns vanished.  It might have only been for a moment, but they were gone.  She smiled a goofy smile at me, and I at her.  Then we took communion, and I prayed diligently....thoughtfully....honestly.  I asked God for help with what I need help with, I thanked Him for helping me and for being who He is in my life, and I prayed He be glorified in all that I do.  As the next weeks come and go, and there are big decisions to be made; I will continue to ask Him to help me go about those in the best, most honest, and christlike way.  I will pray that He will show me how to glorify Him in all decisions I make....big ones and little ones!  If you see me dazed, it's because my head is in the clouds.....listening and following where He leads me!  AMEN!

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