Tuesday, March 5, 2013


A lot has changed over the last week!  A piece of me is gone.  Relationships are dissolving, and trust has been broken.  It's been a hard week, but I am remaining faithful that good will come; and I have seen glimpses of that already.  A lot will be changing in the future. Although decisions have been made, even ones I didn't want to make, it is finished.  There is much uncertainty in many big things, but for me......there is no uncertainty.  I know which way to go.  Truth will be revealed, if not here, then there. People that I love have been hurt.  People that I love have hurt me.  Tough choices remain for many close to me, but for me; they are made.  Forgiveness will be given, though not quite yet, but forgetting will never come.  Forgiving is the easy part...for they know not what they do....it's the forgetting that's difficult....for they know exactly what they do.  Instead of moving forward, I am choosing to move on!  God will be with me either way, but I believe onward is the best choice!  The opportunities are endless, and a new chapter has begun!

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