Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 3....The Best Day In 1997!

Addison Jo Payne, my first born, the one who introduced me to parenthood turned 16 on March 3, 2013!  Time flies!  I can't believe this little bundle of joy can now drive me around town.  Addi is such a gift to so many.  She has a wonderfully generous heart and such a kind spirit.  She is funny and light hearted and laid back.  When I look at her face, I can't help but think...'she is gorgeous'!  Yes she is a beauty to the eye, but it's her inner beauty that radiates through!  I have people tell me what a good job we've done raising her, but honestly a lot of it is just her and God working through her.  One day right before her birthday, NPayne looked at me and said...."I understand what you've been saying."  I was puzzled, and then he said..."About time flying, this birthday is a hard one for me."  When I told Addi what her daddy said and how he was thinking she would never want to be home now that she can drive, she said "I like being home."  She is a wonderful sister who enjoys her family and being together.  Her heart is big, and her soul is deep; and she is adored.  I adore you Addi!  We adore you Addi!  Many adore you Addi!  Keep shining!  God is pleased!

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