Friday, March 22, 2013


Looking forward to the upcoming remodel.  It has been put on hold long enough, and although I scared my 2 little girls half out of their wits by telling them our house was going to fall down (which part of it is close); I'm afraid they will be even more frightened when construction begins....because it will be falling down as it gets built back up.  I'm tired of living in the city and have been for quite a while, but my family is not.  Compromise is....getting the house repaired, uncluttered and having a laundry room and master bathroom to enjoy!  Another benefit will be the much lower mortgage payment, since interest rates are so low.  Of course our house is almost paid off, so that is a bummer; but you do what you gotta do.  Since we aren't made of money....especially right now with only one income....the lower payment will be very helpful.  And since we will never be able to pay outright for the kind of repairs that are needed, a refinance is our best option.  So let's get the ball rolling, and I'll just spend all of my weekends in Athens!  :)

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