Monday, May 24, 2010


So this guy, from the Census Beareau, calls today. He begins by stating all these laws and rules that the state requires and tells me that by law I have to verify my census with him. Then he asks me all these questions, which of course, I have to answer....because it's the LAW! Some of the questions were as follows:
1. Was NPayne staying in an assisted living on April 1, 2010? I chuckle a little and say "NO", but I'm thinking that he may wish he was from time to time.
2. Was NPayne incarserated on April 1, 2010? Uh....."NO"!
3. Were you incarserated or in a group home in March or April of 2010? I think to myself....Not unless you count my current living situation as being incarserated, since I can never leave the house without someone being shackled to me , but I simply said "No"!
4. Have any other people joined the household since April a newborn? I think to myself....Stop rubbing it in that my baby is not really a baby anymore, since she's now 3 1/2 and all my babies are growing up way too fast! But I simply and sadly answer "No"!
5. How is Elliot A Payne related to NPayne? I think to myself....Well she's the cutest little strawberry blonde with these ringlets and blue eyes, she actually looks just like me not at all like her daddy; but again I just say my one word answer "Daughter"!
6. Is Elliot A Payne NPayne's biological daughter, foster daughter, step daughter? Again I think to myself....She wasn't really planned, but she was so desired and wanted; and then I answer "Biological"!
7. Is Elliot A Payne hispanic? I think to myself....I wonder why he didn't ask if she was asian or african american and I answer "No".
8. Of what race is Elliot A Payne? Then he lists off about 30...some of which I thought may even be offensive to some people. I answer "White"!
He ends by asking me if I would like the # to contact someone if I have any questions and thanks me for my cooperation and says have a nice day.
It was interesting....if this happens to you....let me know and share some of the quesitons the caller asks you!

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Alicia said...

I've read blogs where the census people went to their house!! Is that crazy or what??? I'm so glad I mailed mine in (after the 2nd time they sent one)! LOL