Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I've been dreaming about moving to the country and living off the land....not completely but mostly....growing our own food. I wouldn't raise my own meat....mainly because I am not a huge meat eater....but also because if it was alive, I would want it to stay that way. I've been dreaming of a place where there's no TV.....and we listen to music all day long....maybe even music that my children play and songs that NPayne has written for us! I've been dreaming of watching my children make mud pies and frolick in a field of wildflowers.....a place where we can swing in a hammock! I've been dreaming of making cakes and pies and cookies and bread from scratch....every single day! I've been dreaming of sitting on my porch swing....surrounded by nothing but beauty....reading my Bible and writing in my journal. I've been dreaming of moving to the country and letting Drew adopt several special needs dogs to satisfy her kind and nurturing soul. I've been dreaming.....that my children could fish all day or read all day or pick flowers all day, and that they would all be overflowing with joy just from the atmosphere. I've been dreaming....please don't wake me!

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