Friday, May 21, 2010


Guess what showed up in our backyard yesterday?
There he was playing with our Australian Shepherd, Finn.
There he was waiting for my kids to come out and play with him.
There he was waiting with baited puppy breath.
There he was already answering to the name, Izzy, which Drew gave him.

I know you are wondering how he just appeared in our backyard,
and quite honestly so are we!
However last Friday we had a horrific wind and thunderstorm here.
So horrific, in fact, that our neighbor's electrical box fell in our back yard...
you know the big ones attached to a telephone pole....uh yeah....that one....
telephone pole still attached!
As a result part of our fence was knocked over.
When the guys from the electric company were here (until 3:00 am I might add),
repairing it and cleaning up all the oil it leaked...who knew those things leak oil....?
They did plant some grass where the oil had spilled,
and they did put the telephone pole and attached electrical box
upright and steady; and they did repair PART of our fence.....
BUT there's still part that is falling down.
That is how we suspect Izzy united himself with his new buddy Finn!
Oh Me Oh My....the girls are getting attached already!
We are going to put our "Found Dog" signs out this weekend,
but if nobody claims Izzy.....well I wouldn't be surprised if we
gained a new pet. Dream come true for Drew....actually
more like an answered prayer. She has been begging for another dog
and doing all sorts of research on adopting a dog....mainly a special needs dog.
Her wish may just come true!

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Mom2three said...

So cute! We considered getting an Aus. Shepherd when our kids were little, but we heard they will herd kids like crazy if they think they're "getting out of the herd." LOL! So glad that "something" good has come out of the storm and the downed telephone pole!