Sunday, May 23, 2010


I bought these 2 chairs off of Craigs List a few weeks back. I wanted just one to use for photos, but I ended up taking both....too good of a deal. They sat out in my shop for a while, and then I brought them in my house. They are waiting....waiting....waiting to be re-upholstered.....waiting....waiting....waiting for a nice desk to sit behind. The picture below is the one that was on Craigs List, so this is not a picture of them in my house. After the waiting....waiting....waiting is over, I'll post a picture of them in my house! Let the creative juices flow! Oh and don't you worry, I will still use them in photos.
As a matter of fact.....
Does this look familiar?
This is the well wish/business ad
we placed in the dance program
for our sweet dancing queen Bryna!
The chair looks as cool as I thought it would!
I love furniture in fields. Now all I need is a cool old couch.
Anyone? Anyone?

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