Saturday, February 26, 2011

See You Later

Memorial for Ken was today. If you remember, I have a "thing" about funerals; and if you didn't know that, read this post that I wrote on Sept. 30, 2008....


My thoughts on funerals

I started this blog the day that I attended a funeral of a wonderful sweet man (see previous post), and it made me realize how many people have impacted me. I was thinking a lot about funerals as his funeral approached, and I even told someone that I learn a lot from a funeral; therefore I usually always try to attend them. I had to plan two funerals, in a very short amount of time, over the last few years; and I rememer thinking as I planned....I don't want people to feel awful when they leave this funeral. I know there is grief that comes with death, believe me I know, but the funeral is a way to let that person shine for the joy, fun, love and good they brought while they were here on earth. I think you learn so much about the person, who has passed, that you may not have already known. You get the opportunity to rejoice in the life they had while on earth and rejoice the fact that they are in Heaven (hopefully). As I've gotten older and attended many more funerals and thought back, I don't think there has been one funeral where I had any doubts about the person's eternal life, and for that I am so very grateful. That would leave me very sad and unsure. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a funeral crasher; and I don't look forward to going to funerals. I have also been to many extremely sad sad funerals which is part of going to a funeral as well. N Payne and most of my friends know that I have my whole funeral planned out. I don't want someone to try to figure everything out, in a few days time while they are heartbroken (at least I hope they are heartbroken) at my passing. I do want a funeral, but I actually like to think of it as a celebration. I want it to be a joyous celebration with balloons, no casket (I'm going to be cremated), and lots of praise music and all glory given to GOD. There are many more specific details, but I won't bore you with them right now. When the day comes for my celebration, you will be all be invited; and don't worry I know where I'm going!
Today in Ken's memorial, through my tears and broken heart....I smiled and laughed a lot. It was good. I so agree with Pastor fact NPayne and I discussed this the other night....that Ken would have been embarassed by all the "fuss"...preparing a memorial for 3,000 people to attend. But he would also encourage us to heal, and his memorial was the beginning of that for me. One of the things that is really helping me hearing what his children had to say about their wonderful father. When Ken's son, Kody, stood up to speak....I immediately started praying for God to comfort him and help him get through his thoughts. And God happily obliged. Kody said so many things that made us laugh out loud and sob out loud. One of the things Kody said was that last Friday when his mom was taking his dad to the hospital....the last words he said to his dad were..."See you later!" WOW! How appropriate for all that has happened. At the time Ken was being taken to the hospital....there was never an inkling that he would not return. As we prayed for a miracle healing, cried our eyes out all week, didn't eat, didn't sleep....all the while we were thinking those very words"SEE YOU LATER" Ken....the exact last words that his son spoke to him.

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