Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ten years ago....the best day of 2001!

Ten Years beautiful Drew Michelle Payne graced us with her presence. She was born on a Monday....a few days after I was released from 6 weeks of bedrest and 4 weeks early.
She was my easiest delivery and a surprise baby....we didn't know she was a girl
until she made her appearance! Her first name came from a wonderful friend, whom
I loved, who had a wonderful daughter named Drew.
Her middle name is after her cousin, and 2 of my Lifelong friends.
Her last know where that derived from!
Even though she was 4 weeks early,
she weighed in at a very healthy 8 lbs. 13 oz.
Doctors predicted that she would
have weighed 13 lbs. if she had gone full term.
And now she's my little tiny petite Drew.
The girl that is just now wearing a size 8 and has just turned 10.
She was born on my dad's birthday....
"the best birthday gift I ever got"
he would always say!

Although she has had some physical struggles with her health,
she has dealt with them like a champ! She is overall a very
healthy, happy, sweet little girl with an old soul.
She's my granola girl....
the girl who never wants to do anything to her hair but brush it
and that's with a lot of encouragement. The girl that will try just about any type of food.
The girl that eats very healthy and will turn down dessert if she's full.
The girl that loves to read, that loves to be outside, that loves to play with her sisters, that looks after her brother, the girl who is very sentimental and empathetic. The girl who is the best friend anyone could ask for. The girl who would bring home every stray animal that we would allow her to. This is the girl who is trying to save the world. The girl who is sweet as sugar and has a temper like a firecracker....the girl who is most like me! This is the girl who has been bullied and will stand up for others who are bullied. The girl who loves JESUS! The girl who is neat and tidy and can't sleep at night if her room is a mess. This is the girl who looks fantastic dressed up but cute as a bug dressed down. This is the girl who thrives on dates with her mommy and daddy but loves being with her siblings as well. This is the girl who is very competitive....who likes to win and doesn't like to lose. The girl who has to put forth a lot of effort to be a gracious loser when competing with her family, but who loses graciously when competing against anyone but her family. This is the girl who enjoys music, crafts and is a wonderful artist and poet. This is the girl who wants to be a mommy when she grows up with a house full of kids. This is my smack dab in the middle child. This is the girl who makes my heart happy and full. This is the girl whom I adore. This is my Drewby Lou! I love you more than words can tell you! Happy Birthday Drew Boo!

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Mom2three said...

Happy Birthday Drew! What a wonderful blessing she is for you. I love reading your birthday post about your kids - you have such a wonderful way of penning your thoughts about each one. I love hearing about her beginning, how she got her name, and your sweet thoughts.