Friday, February 4, 2011


Day 4 in the frozen parts of Texas....which happens to be many! It's snowing again today, but this time it's good a snowman or snow princess snow.....not walk outside and bust your bum on the ice. NPayne was able to stay home again today, and he even had the pleasure of helping the kids (actually mainly Drew) make a snow princess! We all slept really late and laid in bed even after we woke up. Elliot fell yesterday and slightly chipped her two front teeth. It bled some, and she cried a lot. I haven't worn make up of any kind, since Monday. Our clean house is a wreck again, and our washer and dryer are running constantly. I'm hoping for no more rolling blackouts....our house gets really cold really fast when the temps are so low....OLD HOUSES ARE COLD HOUSES! I've been reading a lot of blogs and doing a ton of online browsing! I am officially addicted to Matilda Jane, and since I can't afford half their stuff; I shop on ebay for used items. I love getting something that's been worn once for 1/3 of the price! I let my hair dry naturally, so I wasn't using any unnecessary's out of control....but my girls love it. I've gotten a lot accomplished, but I will be glad when I can move my piles of "garage sale stuff" to my shop and get them out of our living room and playroom. I have tons of trash from cleaning out our attic. Our trash hasn't been picked up in days, so it sits on our curb and on our porch....waiting. I guess the roads are too hazardous for them to drive on. The mailman, however, stands true and firm to the oath he took....and he comes every single day! The Super Bowl will played nearby on Sunday! The daddy/daughter dance, that was suppose to be tomorrow, has officially been postponed. Tomorrow is my sweet Drew's birthday....10 years old....double digits. It would have been my dad's birthday too...he would have been 68 years old. He loved sharing a birthday with Drew.... he use to say "she was the best birthday gift he ever got". She is a lot like him, because she is a lot like me; and I'm discovering that I'm a lot like my dad! I'm loving being home, and I'm loving more that NPayne will run out and pick up a few things for me; so I don't have to! I look at this time as a wonderful time of blessings....we are so fortunate to have these few days to stop, breathe, sit around in our pjs, and enjoy each other.

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Alicia said...

Yay..double digits! One of my sons turned 10 last year! Such a fun age!!

And I hope you're able to stay warm! I can't believe I'm still seeing so many snow pics in blogland!

Ohhhh..and I love Matilda Jane too! Ebay is the best place to find it for much cheaper!