Saturday, March 19, 2011

Darn Near Perfect

A darn near perfect Friday in my eyes....

NPayne took the day off from work.
Slept in really late.
Took a family outing to the local (30 minute drive) salvage yard to see what we could salvage.
Found the perfect door for my desk top.
Hung out at home with the doors open to experience the sunny perfect weather.
Kids playing outside.
Elli sleeping on the couch.
Taking the kids over to grandma's for a sleepover.
Visiting with grandma.
NPayne taking me to Thrift Town....over by where we use to was as good as I remembered it. Bought a cool kitchen cart for $12.
Builders Surplus to look for house supplies for our upcoming projects.
Burgers and Fries for dinner.
NPayne suggested we go to Anthropologie, so I could spend my gift card....enjoyed looking but didn't buy YET.
Rented a movie from RedBox....Eat, Pray, Love! Didn't love or really even like the movie, although I didn't hate it either. I did enjoy sitting on the couch holding NPayne's hand while drinking coffee which was the only reason I didn't suggest we just turn the movie off.
Goodnights to my babes.
Hot bath.

A perfect Saturday in my eyes....

Sleeping really late.
Going to the ETSY show in the big city.
Picking up the kids.
Painting some furniture.
Editing some photos.
Hanging out with my family.
Dinner together.
Bubble baths all around.
Bedtime.....for church the next morning!

What a wonderful weekend, and I am so grateful. Thank You Lord for the wonderful blessings I am priveleged to call my family!

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