Thursday, March 24, 2011

Go Cowboys...Go Cowboys!

Oh Yes I did.....I had the privelege of photographing a real Dallas Cowboy last Fall. Kyle Kosier is an offensive lineman for The Cowboys. His little girl is in Elliot's class in preschool, and their teacher had this great idea.....why don't we see if Kyle will pose in a photo with the class, autograph the photo, we will frame the photo, and then put it in the silent auction at the school's carnival for a fundraiser. Guess what? He did and did, and we did and did; and it brought a pretty penny. Elli's teacher, quite the magnificent seamstress, made a huge Dallas Cowboy quilt with these photos and a few others on it as well. It raised an even prettier penny. The Kosiers are super nice people, and we are blessed to know them. Kyle's cutie patootie is standing right next to him in the photo below. My Elli....well she's #9 of course! ;) Too bad none of these kids know who Tony Romo is.

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