Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Beach

We are on vacation....woohoo!!! I am loving the beach, the wondrous beauty of the ocean, the amazement and pure awe of what God has created. I am loving the peace and calm He provides through it. I am loving how much my kids are loving. I am loving how much my boy is loving it. I am loving the time just the seven of us are spending together....eating together, talking together, dancing.....a lot of dancing.....together. I am loving sitting on the balcony reading my book. I am loving sleeping with my two youngest, singing "Skinnamarink" to them while I tickle their arms. I am loving touching foreheads with Elli while she sucks her thumb, and I say a goodnight prayer over her in our big comfy bed. I am loving waking up in the middle of the night with both girls snuggled so close to me, that I can barely move. I am loving staring at those peaceful sleeping faces each morning waiting for them to wake up. I will never forget these times. Addi is making a movie of our trip, and I am loving hearing their sweet little voices everytime she plays back a particular part of the movie. I am loving every single minute....just in case you hadn't figured that out. Thanks be to God for these cherished moments of heaven on earth.

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