Saturday, July 16, 2011


So I've been helping one of my close friends prepare her nursery for the arrival of her twin boys...YEA! These two will be her 4th and 5th, and YES THEY ARE ALL BOYS!!!! FIVE BOYS!!! Believe me, I love girls....hello....I have four of them, and of course I love my boy; but I really really really wanted my friend's twins to be boys. She may have wanted to toss a girl in the mix somewhere, since she already had 3 boys; but I am living vicariously through her. Remember I have twin envy. Now I'm not necessarily saying I would have wanted twin boys, but I will have to admit that I am quirky about how I would have ordered my twins....had I been able to do that. I always, always, always wanted twins....even when I was pregnant for the fifth time. I would have been thrilled to have had twins. You might think that's the quirky part, because it seems that most people would not choose to have twins....not sure why that is...but oh well. The quirky part about my wishful twins is this....I always wanted to have same sex twins (2 girls or 2 boys), so yes I'm living vicariously through my friend; because she is having same sex twins....BOYS! Now you might wonder why I wanted her to have boy twins, since she already has 3 boys and no girls. Well that sort of answers itself, because if you met her boys...good would know why. They are about the most gorgeous, sweet little men ever. Now of course they have their all children/boys do....but I just can't imagine her not having more of those wonderful little creatures. I mean, you know what they say, if it ain't broke; don't fix it. Now I she just has to name them. Twin boys coming soon and oh the photos I will take. This is a photo from last summer of the boys and their daddy!

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