Saturday, July 2, 2011

VBS 2011


All 5 of my children had a great week, and for that I am so thankful. Having Cal go to VBS has always been a challenge. Now that he is almost in 7th grade, he doesn't really "go to" VBS. It's designed for children through 5th grade. So for the last several years, Cal has had a youth helper. He should be a youth helper, but since he has not been a fan of VBS and all the chaos fun that it brings; he has not been much of a helper. His youth helper just sort of hangs out with him, plays with him, chases him around, encourages him to try some of the VBS stations, and basically just spoils him rotten.....and I LOVE IT....and do does he! He was so excited to go to VBS this week and play with Ms. Ashley, his youth helper, and every day he got up with a big smile on his face. Ms. Ashley has been his youth helper for the last several years, and she's headed to college in the fall. What will I Cal do without her next summer? I had a great week at VBS as well....leading a 3rd grade class from station to station and sharing the love of Christ with them was amazing....AMAZING! Seeing and listening to all that my children learned was amazing. Seeing my boy so happy.....the best part. Cal attending VBS happily every day....may seem to be a simple triumph for most, but for's a huge triumph! God is so good!

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Elyse said...

Ms. Ashley and Cal have a super relationship. We saw him in and out of the bathroom and I even got a smile or two. He is a joy around our church and a blessing in his own way.