Saturday, September 3, 2011

Five Years Ago Today....The Best Day of 2006!

Five years ago today, our lives were blessed by the presence of Elliot Ann Payne. Elli made her way into the world in a very uneventful way (which we were quite grateful for), however we knew immediately that our lives would never be uneventful with her in it. She was the neediest daughter I had had as an infant, but secretly I enjoyed it....shhhhhh! I loved that she wanted to nurse all of the time. I loved that she wanted to be held so much, and I loved that she needed me so much. She did grow quite independent very quickly....being the 5th does that to a person....forces them to be independent. She is now quite independent (which is quite helpful but makes me a little sad too). She is the apple of all of our eyes!
Elli has always been able to dress herself, get herself to sleep, tell us when she needs a nap, put her shoes on the right feet, make herself a snack, and clean up after herself. She is a lot like me and likes things to be neat and tidy. She potty trained late (in the eyes of some), but once she did; she never looked back. She is quite grown up and mature for such a little girl, but she still needs her thumb, her Pinky Pie (lovey), and her mama and daddy.

She is more than I could have ever asked for in a child,
and I always tell her I wish I had ten more like her.
I love the way she loves me back
and tells me so at the most random times
or when the thought pops into her mind.

I love the way she adores her daddy and would
be happy to spend all of her days with him.
I love the way she is as stunningly beautiful
on the inside as she is on the out. In her short time here on earth,
she has made so many people's lives better by just being Elli.
I love how she LOVES her sisters and brother
and will sit and play with them for hours and hours and hours.
I love how she brightens my day
when she greets me with a big smile
and throws her arms around my neck.
I love her little hands and feet,
and how she says "I'm NOT a food"....
when I tell her I want to eat her up.
I love her sense of humor and how
she has me laughing many times a day.
If laughter is good for the soul, then
Elli is definitely good for my soul.

I love how she is a deep thinker and already asks me very thought provoking questions. She is going to be my child who asks all those hard questions really early. I love how much she looks like my dad. Although she never met him, looking in her eyes is like looking into his. I love that she has wild crazy hair....just like her mama! I love that she will try new things, but she will definitely tell you if she's not interested in something. I love that she has a mind of her own, and that she makes good choices. I love that she already knows about Jesus and asks about Him often. I love that she listens and church but still sits in my lap and asks me to tickle her arm while she sucks her thumb. I love that she is a good friend. I love that she is a pleaser and wants to do "the right thing". I love that every now and then she does "the wrong thing" eating my entire box of Valentine candy....but immediately brings me the empty box with chocolate all over her confess and tell me she's so sorry. I love that she wants to be like her sisters but not enough that she doesn't still want to be her own sweet Elli. Elliot Ann Payne, I could never in a million gazillion years tell you how much I love you and adore you. My prayer for you is that you will continue to shine your light on all of those you meet, and that you will live your life for God! If you do, you will experience a love stronger than mine; and that will be the best gift you could ever have.

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