Thursday, September 1, 2011

Have I Mentioned I Have A Job?

I know you're probably sick of hearing it, but I have a JOB! Now don't get me wrong....being a stay home mom/part-time preschool teacher/photographer is definitely work....but my "new" job actually brings home a little extra bacon. least I thought it would. I had plans for my paychecks...which really aren't that much in the grand scheme of things....but are a whole lot more than I have made in the last 13 years:
1. replacing my rotted bathroom floor
2. finishing out our kitchen
3. buying a new dishwasher
4. paying off all of Addi's band dues
5. paying off the rest of my "new" IMac
6. buying NPayne and myself a few new clothing items
7. a new desk
8. taking my family out on the town
9. getting my car detailed
10. a massage at least once a month
11. new mattresses for everyone
BUT.....we've had a few bumps in the road....and I'll admit it's a little frustrating, yet I am so thankful that we have the extra money to help with the bumps. Someday I'll knock off some of the list above!

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