Saturday, June 2, 2012

Can you say REMODEL?

I think we're going to remodel.  Trying not to get my hopes up, because we attempted this before; and it didn't work.  However I can't help myself....I'm excited at the thought of having a laundry room and a master bath, not that I don't love my kids coming into the bathroom at any given moment while I'm in there or the fact that I won't have to fold laundry on the couch;)!   I'm thrilled at the thought of having my kitchen finished once and for all....or at least until it needs to be updated again!  I LOVE our's old and full of character...all of my babies have come home here.  We have lived here....all 7 of us....for as long as there's been 7 of us!  I'm excited...basically that's all I wanted to say!

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