Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bucket List

I'm adding to my bucket original bucket listed consisted of the following:
1.  Going to a World Series Game....did that and even with my favorite team in it!
2.  Going to Graceland....not yet!
3.  Being on The Price Is Right....almost but didn't make it.  It won't be the same without Bob Barker and Rod Roddy, but I still want to go.

Now for the additions:
1.  Adopt a child/children.
2.  Grow a huge garden!
3.  Own a pink scooter!
4.  Travel to every flea market I've ever wanted to visit.
5.  Invest in more camera equipment!
6.  Take a dance class!
7.  Memorize more scripture!
8.  Remodel my house!
9.  Buy a lakehouse and redecorate it!
10.  Spend two connsecutive weeks at the beach!
11.  Live on a farm!
12.  Go on a mission trip!

I don't really have any particular order for these, but some I'm going to try to implement right away....
like memorizing more scripture.

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