Friday, June 8, 2012

More Exciting News, But I Can't Tell You Yet!

I have some very exciting I'm not pregnant....SIGH!  And no it has nothing to do with our possible remodel...although that does excite me....especially when NPayne asks me what I would like in a master bathroom!  This is different news but still very exciting.  I can't spill the beans just yet....until the details are all finalized!  But you will know soon enough!  In the meantime I will share this other exciting news with you.....I am working on my new website and blog!  WOOHOO!  However I need some time and a little more time to get it finished up!  I have actually been busy....even though school is out....and my preschool job is about finished up for summer!  I have had two photoshoots, so I've been editing photos....and liking it!  I'm back in my zone!  Next week NPayne and Addi will be on mission trip, Drew and Bryna will be at day camp, Elli will be at Science camp; so Cal and I are going to do some closet cleaning!  Now that excited me I'm not being sarcastic....I'm serious!  I'm not going to show you a before photo of my closet, because it would scare you; but I will show you an after shot...when it's done that is.  How about a before photo of my blank wall above my desk....that's getting fixed up too!  And please excuse the messy desk!  But how about that computer monitor...fabulous or what?

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