Monday, June 11, 2012

The Wall

I can't even believe I posted this horrible quality photo, but I did.  I took it with my iphone, because I'm too lazy to get up, charge my camera battery, insert battery into the camera, and take it with the camera.  So as you can see from the below post, I've added 4 frames to my wall...yes I know they're crooked.  I'll fix that if I keep them there.  The good thing is I LOVE these frames....they're weathered and rustic and just my style.  The bad thing is I only have four, and I have five littles....that's where the problem lies.  The good thing is there is this really great antique/flea market type store right down the street from me, and I bought a 5th's not just like these four, but it's close.  The bad thing is I also bought a 6th frame, now what am I gonna do with that?  The good thing is I have lots of fabulous stuff to choose from.  The bad thing is I have lots of fabulous stuff to choose from.  I CANNOT DECIDE, so my friend Abbey is coming over tomorrow to help me figure it out and simplify. I can never ever ever begin to tell you how many fabulous frame worthy photos I have...literally hundreds, maybe even thousands.  I just CANNOT decide!  My dining room and living room are already covered with photos of my littles.  I'm trying to simplify here, but I truly have an photos and chairs.  Have I mentioned my chair addiction....well it's a problem as well, oh and linens...lots of linens!  I really need another house to decorate, so I can keep all my photos, chairs, linens.....oh and pillows too!  ;)

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