Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Prayed For A Sock!

We went to visit my friend Leslie today and her daughter Beau and her husband Jeff.  While we were there, we sat in their new awesome barn that Jeff is building.  We drank coffee, we talked about a lot of things...mainly homeschooling.  We had lunch, we talked some more.  The kids played outside a lot and played in the barn.  Leslie got out the funky water sprinkler thingy she has, and my 4 youngest (along with Beau) had a blast playing and squirting each other.  When they were finished playing, they came in to put their dry clothes on; so they could continue playing in the barn or outside.  All the girls were dressed, and then it was Cal's turn to get dressed.  Leslie only has one bathroom, so they were taking turns changing.  When Cal came out of the bathroom, he was completely dressed minus one sock; and he had a VERY distressed look on his face.  I immediately knew that he couldn't find his other sock.   We had piled all their dry clothes in a pile in the corner of the room, so I was sure one of the girls had accidentally picked up his sock; and it was stuck inside their shorts or something.  As Cal started mumbling...."I need to find it".....I could tell he was really stressing out.  I started looking around for the sock with no luck and then began to silently pray that we would find his sock, because honestly I was stressing out too.  Leslie said, "Is this going to be a problem"?  I nodded and continued to look for the sock.  Cal became more and more upset.  Sweet Beau offered him another pair of socks, but of course he refused. After I undressed and redressed every child in the house and still couldn't find the sock tucked in their shorts or pocket, I sat down.  Cal came over to me, sobbing now and still saying "I need to find it"!  I assured him that I would keep looking momentarily.  I was hoping that he would calm down while I tried to figure out what I was going to do if I didn't find that sock, but he didn't.  I couldn't imagine where that sock was, but I knew we would probably have to go home; because he was so upset.  I wasn't planning on leaving Leslie's house for a few more hours.  I kept thinking how am I going to get him home....the drive is 1 1/2-2 hours?  Is he going to cry the whole way?  Will he put his shoes on without the sock?  Will he walk to the car without his shoes on?  He's 13 now and way too big for me to carry.  As he became more agitated, I told him I was going to the barn to look through the girls' clothes one more time.  I walked outside and then was stopped by Leslie calling my name.  I peeked back inside the house, and there she was.....holding the sock.  It had gotten stuck on a shelf in the bathroom beside the toilet.  She took it in and held it out to Cal, and immediately he relaxed.  You could see the look of relief through his whole body, and he gave Leslie a hug.  Leslie looked at me and I at her, and we both were fighting back tears.  Then I said...."I was praying for that sock.  Now let's give thanksgiving that you found it."  As we both were breathing a huge sigh of relief, I told her I kept wondering how many people had ever prayed for a sock.  I started to get a little emotional as I was telling her this, and she did too.  Praying for a sock may seem silly to some, but to me (and now to Leslie) it was a necessity.  The stress that Cal was experiencing was so real and intense, and honestly heartbreaking for both of us.  I said.....I know it's just a sock, but to him; it's much more.  It's part of his routine.  He ALWAYS wears socks except when he's swimming or bathing, and he needs them.  She understood completely.  Later she asked Cal if she was his hero for finding his sock, and he smiled sheepishly and said "YEAH!"  So yes....I prayed for a sock....believe me it wasn't the first time and probably won't be the last!  I've prayed for many things, as far as my boy is concerned, that may not seem like typical things to pray for for your children; but I don't limit God.  I know He is there to help Cal....even if it is something that seems as simple as finding a sock.

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