Sunday, June 24, 2012


In case I forgot to tell you, Neil and Addi went on a mission trip a week ago.  They went to Missouri and helped out some folks who needed help.  They go the same week every June with our church, to a designated location, with several vans full of people and tools.  They LOVE it!  They work hard all day, do something fun every evening, don't sleep much at night, and come home really tired and filled with the holy spirit.  This year while they were there, they learned about a special camp for special needs children.  That night, when Neil called me, he told me that Addi had gotten really upset while watching the video about this.  I was a little taken back by this, because she is such a laid back person and has always embraced her brother and others with special needs.  It wasn't until they got home that he explained it further.  It seems that the video they watched about this camp featured mostly campers who were physically disabled....not mentally disabled (like Cal).  The campers were so thankful to be able to attend a camp that could accommodate them.  One of the things that one camper said on the video was how he felt so close to God and was so glad to be able to experience that feeling at this camp.  When Neil was explaining this to me, I started to understand.  He told me that Addi got so upset and cried so so hard when she watched this, because she doesn't know if Cal feels those feelings.  She doesn't know if he knows Christ, understands Christ, has a relationship with Christ; and it worried her.  When Neil was telling me all of this, he had big tears running down his face; because of the reaction that she had had.  He and I know that God loves Cal, and Addi knows that too; but for the first time....I think she realized what Cal may be missing by not understanding how wonderful a relationship with our Savior can be.  I use to think about that a lot and worry about it a lot, but then one day Neil said....."I think Cal knows a lot more than we think he does."  I chatted with my pastor, Ken, about this once; and he said the same thing....we don't know their may be better than we could ever imagine!  Since that time, I haven't fretted much about what Cal was missing out on; because truthfully....I don't think he is missing out.  I think his relationship with Jesus is more pure and honest and wonderful than I could have ever hoped it would be!  Thank God for grace!

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