Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Life Goes On!

I've been feeling under the weather for about a week or so....SORE THROAT out the whazoo! Now the annoying coughing....when there's really no reason to cough....has begun! I've been living on DayQuil....not really, but I am about to start! Sorry I've been so lax in the blogging lately, but along with the "feeling under the weather" aspect of my life comes the " taking and editing photos, keeping Baby M, working at the preschool, checking homework, doing laundry, watching The World Series....proud of my Rangers (even though they didn't win)....etc., etc., etc." aspect of my life. I have a really impactful post brewing....give me a minute to breathe and recover....and I'll get to posting! Thanks for reading and checking in daily (for those of you who do)! And for now, I'm headed to bed with some NyQuil.....my favorite place to be....don't believe me? Read my sidebar! By the way, that's not me in the photo....in case you didn't notice ;) .....I'm not near that cute!

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