Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gratitude and Thanksgiving

I'm leading a lesson, in my SS class, about being grateful and thankful. I have put a lot of thought into this lesson, since I agreed to lead it. As you might have read in my previous post, NPayne and I are both very grateful by making a conscious effort to do so....him in a much more natural capacity. However one of the things that I realized while preparing for and thinking about this lesson is this....I want my children to be successful in school, I want them to make good grades, I want them to be accepted, I want them to be successful; BUT....I realized that really, deep down in my soul, I want them to be successful in life. What I mean is that....making good grades, being a good reader, etc. is fine; but being a kind person, a grateful person, a serving person, a christian is what I ultimately want for them. Do I dare say that school is not my number 1 priority for them to be successful? I mean....Hello....I'm an educator! Sure school is important, and yes it will help them to be successful....especially in today's society where there is so much pressure to be the best....but honestly to me....having a kind and generous and grateful and serving spirit and heart will help them be successful in what's really important: ANSWERING THE CALL! I think, having a child with special needs, Cal has really helped me see that you don't have to be the best reader or writer or academic student to be successful in life; because obviously he's not the best student....not even close...but being a good friend with a kind heart who will pray for someone or help someone or just have days where they are on their knees thanking God is what will help you be successful in life. You may not end up with a big house, or a car, or lots of stuff; but if you are faithful and trust and truly rely on will end up with so much more. Below is a video that I put together with the help of my sweet and very talented's going to accompany my lesson tomorrow. Most all of these photos are of folks in our church doing some sort of service or of someone who has been served by a ministry of our church. I'll be the first to say that a church doesn't make you a christian, but I'll also be the first to say how my church family and the heart of my church has helped me, in so many ways, grow as a christian and in my relationship with Christ!

Remember to scroll down and pause the music, so you can hear the video. This song, by Matthew West, "My Own Little World" is such a good reminder that it's not about us! Listen to the words....really listen!

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