Wednesday, November 10, 2010

TODAY...I am thankful for another day!

Encourage the big girls to get their breakfast and eat, then brush teeth and hair!
Help Elliot with her breakfast and clothes and brushing her teeth!
Take Bryna and Elliot to school!
Baby M arrives!
Picking up Elliot from school!
Cleaning Up!
Baby M napping (hopefully), so I can shower!
Working on my SS lesson!
Playing Candy Land and Hullabaloo with Elliot!
Watching her write her name and many other words she is learning to write!
Picking up my other 4 babes from school!
Looking forward to the excitement in Drew's face when she shows me the books she received at school!
Snacks and Homework!
Listening to Bryna read her readers!
Listening to Drew practice the piano!
Taking Drew to piano and Baby M to her foster mama!
Taking Addi to Bible Study and picking Drew up from piano!
Dropping Drew and Bryna at choir practice and heading to Bible Study with Pastor Ken!
Kissing my babes goodnight!
DINNER OUT WITH MY GIRLFRIENDS to celebrate 3 of their birthdays!
Hot Shower!
Make lunches for the next day!
Get in my bed and veg with Cal!

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