Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm Thankful For Our Street!

So our street has been under construction for several weeks now. We haven't been able to park in our driveway, much less on our street, for most of the time. Good news....I we are getting a curb and a sidewalk put in. I'm overjoyed, can you hear the sarcasm excitement in my voice? It's almost finished, so I am so thankful. I bet our neighbors are as well....especially Ms. Pam, who lives next door to us, and has a difficult time getting around and now is having to park on the busy street and track through our large yard, all the dirt piles and tools, etc. to get to her house. And also Ms. Diane....whose car was flattened in the back by an oncoming car that didn't realize that all of our cars were parked on the street. Not sure how one doesn't notice this, but apparently they didn't. We are in the home stretch, and as I type this my car is parked in the driveway... :) These pictures are from a few weeks ago.
View from our front porch to Ms. Diane's house.
View from our front porch to where our
cars are parked on the street.
There's my suburban, and the entrance to our driveway.
Our street in its dirt, mud like condition.
The large piles of dirt in front of our house and all the
way down the street.
A very large hole next to our driveway!

As I said....I'm thankful it's almost complete. Although I didn't ask for curbs or sidewalks,
I guess it will be a nice addition to our street.

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