Monday, May 9, 2011


We're getting in deeper here, and I'm not completely thrilled about it. I was feeling like I wanted to move a few months ago, then my beloved pastor died and that all changed. I felt like I needed my church family so much. Now that feeling is creeping back in, and I keep thinking about moving. My daughter will be starting high school next year, and she has auditioned and made varsity honors drumline....deeper. My kids are really attached to their children's pastor and youth pastor....deeper. Our church is like a second home....deeper. My children have some wonderful friends....deeper. NPayne and I don't have a job secured anywhere else (I don't have a job secured here, so that doesn't really count)....deeper. I am feeling smothered here, and I keep thinking I want to dig myself out and move on; but I have to remember that I have a family who are very happy here. Being content is up to the choose not to be content, so I am going to try to choose TO BE content! Pray that I will!

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