Sunday, May 1, 2011


As the end of school is quickly upon us, I am realizing something....THE END OF SCHOOL IS QUICKLY UPON US!

Now most of you know, I LOVE summer....not the Texas heat....but the laziness, the sleeping in, VBS, vacation, but mostly just having my babes at home with me! I LOVE IT!

As I sat at the dinner table with my family tonight....we discussed mission trips, and it made my heart ache in a good way when NPayne told my mini me (Drew) that he would go on her first one with her, then I could go; because Addi would be old enough to stay home all week with her other 3 siblings by the time Drew was in 7th grade. My heart was happy to see how excited Drew was about going on mission trip in the next few years, and my heart was sad when I realized it's only one more year and my mini me will be old enough to go! My heart skipped a beat when I was reminded that my oldest would be driving! Help Me Henry....I'm ready for some time with my babes....come on summer! Get here quick and take your time leaving!

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