Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

It's one of my favorite weekends of the year....MOTHER'S DAY! I am so extremely blessed to be a mother. And my heart breaks for those who so desire to be blessed in this way but have not been. Being a mother is the absolute best job I have ever and will ever have. I could never really put into words what it means to me, or what the best part about motherhood is; but I'm going to try:

Nuzzling a baby in the dark quiet middle of the night when they are scared, hungry, or sick. This time is short, so treasure it while you can.
Cuddling up in my bed every single night to hold hands, talk, and just be together before they all scurry off to their own beds.
Being loved completely and unconditionally.
Loving completely and unconditionally.
Being considered the most amazing woman they know.
Funny phrases they say.
The never ending need to be tucked in.
Singing them songs at night and their own personal bedtime prayer.
Listening to them read to me and reading to them.
Chunky rolls so sweet you could eat them with a spoon.
Baby hands and feet.
The smell of a baby.
Watching them go from diapers to drumline to driving.
Laughing at their jokes, and them laughing at mine!
Teaching them and watching them grow in Christ.
The big decisions they have to make.
Making mistakes and resolving them in a godly way.
Asking those thought provoking questions that only a child will ask.
Constant kisses and hugs.
Sitting in my lap even when they are too big to fit.
The longing desire to always have more babies.
The wonderful joyful smile that I'm greeted with every day when they climb into my car after school.
Listening to them pray.
Never ending stories.
Seeing the excitement the first time they accomplish something big.
The "I LOVE YOU MOMMY"s that I hear frequently.
Those eyes....those soulful, trusting eyes.
The feel of my heart beating so fast when I can't get home quick enough to see them.
The love they have for each other.
Their wonderful daddy!
The way they forgive me instantly and don't ever hold a grudge.
That overwhelming feeling I often get when I look around and think....God has trusted me with these 5 precious children of His!

In my wildest dreams, I never knew how much my mother loved me....until I became a mother.
Happy Mother's Day to My Mama and all the other mamas out there!

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