Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Here We Go Again

So I'm up at 3:30 am, because once again God is speaking to me. I love it when He speaks so clearly, and I guess I do my best listening in the middle of the night. I have been seeking His guidance and His will, and He has told me what to do. Being obedient can be very scary, but it's a good thing to know that you are doing what He tells you to do. I am praying about many things and am asking for Him, to once again, guide me and let me follow. Honestly I was hoping He would guide me a certain way and have tried to steer it that way, but so far; it seems like I'm going in the total opposite direction. Being obedient is hard. I would just ask for prayers that I am truly hearing Him and not my own broken heart or my own self doubt or my own pride, but that it is HIM that I hear. He has been speaking very clearly to me lately, so I am trying to wait patiently for His next move!

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