Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day!

It's Father's Day! WOOHOO! I love days that celebrate a particular person...mother's day, father's day, birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter. I like to lavish everything I have into that day. I will say that NPayne is not as enthusiastic as I am about these days. He downplays most everything. But today was the day to celebrate him. He received many hand made lovelies from his children and...ahem....his wife....see photo above! I made that for him for his desk at work. I simply adore my husband and adore that he adores me and adores our children. We are an adorable family! ;) On a serious note, NPayne is truly the best daddy I could have ever asked for for my babies. He is completely devoted to them. He works hard for them, but his favorite thing to do is be with them. He just loves to be with them....just be with them. It reminds me of how Our Heavenly Father just loves to be with us. He just wants us with Him all the time! NPayne grew up without his dad. He died when he was 1, and he never had a lot of male influence in his life....growing up in a house with a mother, an aunt, a grandmother, 2 sisters, and 2 female cousins. You could say he was surrounded by estrogen. But somehow....he learned. I attribute a lot of that to his mama....who is just a wonderfully, kind, hardworking, lovely woman who is devoted to and loves her family! Basically that's NPayne too....wonderfully, kind, hardworking, lovely man who is devoted to and loves his family. One of the things that attracted me to NPayne when I first met him, besides his long hair and studly appearance ;)....was how kind he was, and the fact that he made me laugh A LOT! He is still that kind and still makes me laugh A LOT! I just want to take a minute to say this....I ADORE YOU NPAYNE and how much you adore me and adore our children! You are the best daddy in the whole world....besides my own daddy who I miss so much! I am so blessed to have had the time I had with my dad and the time my kids had with him. It brings me such joy to imagine Father's Day in heaven spent with the most perfect of Fathers. I wish Elliot could have known her Papa. She is his spitting image, and I wish I could have seen him with her. I know that he would think she's as scrumptious as I do.
But I do know that even though she doesn't know who Papa....he definitely knows her!
Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful daddies in the world!

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