Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It's Been Bittersweet!

I took my first 14 year old wonderful young lady.... to her first high school Bible Study tonight. I cried tonight after I dropped her off as hard as I cried the day she ate her first chicken nugget over 13 years ago. It was bittersweet. Of course I want her to grow and flourish and become the wonderful young lady that she is becoming, BUT....time has flown by so fast....and I know it's only going to get faster! I picked her up from her final day of middle school last week, and we both cried all the way home....and then continued to cry for most of the afternoon! Growing up....a necessary, wonderful part of life that we as parents get to experience....but it is HARD! It's times like these when I have to remember that the hard stuff is so worth it, the bittersweet feelings of watching my babies grow up is worth the enormous unexplainable amount of love that I have for these God given gifts. Having my first born blessing look me in the eye, with those beautiful eyes that look exactly the same as they did when she was 2, tonight and say...."Will you come with me?" It warmed my heart and reiterated that although she is growing up fast....she is still my little girl!

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