Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm Lonely

In a house full of children, I'm lonely. If you don't watch basketball (or you live under a rock), you wouldn't know that THE DALLAS MAVERICKS are in the play offs for the championship. We are big Mavs fans, but NPayne is really a die hard. He has cheered them on for 20+ years....even when they were the butt of many jokes....because they were so bad. Every game, during the play offs, that he watches is intense and full of excitement for or lose! He won't ever give up on them. I don't watch the game with him, because frankly the games have been neck and neck; and I can't sit through that kind of tension. I just come in at the end to see, and then occasionally watch it replayed. Here in our area, they have been replaying all of the games......COOL! So you might wonder what all of this has to do with me being lonely. Well NPayne is in Louisiana with Addi and a few hundred other people getting ready to start mission work tomorrow. He is not in the living room....clapping loudly, cheering them on, arguing with the refs, etc. It's quiet in my house tonight (even with the other 4 kiddos here), and although I am so glad that they are doing mission work.....I miss hearing him cheer on his team. I am really going to miss seeing his ugly sports victory cry....if they happen to win tonight or Tuesday night. Dallas Mavericks have never won a championship....and just to root them this. Make sure you mute the music on my blog to hear it! THE TIME IS NOW!

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