Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Last night I had the pleasure of having dinner with NPayne to celebrate our anniversary which was last week. I had plans to go over all the "To Do" things that I am wanting "To Do"! Once we got to the restaurant, we began casual conversation about just stuff. It was nice, because we rarely have time to just sit and talk; so we did. We talked a lot about the mission trip that he had just returned from. We talked a lot about some of the struggles I've been facing. We talked a lot about our finances. We talked a lot about our family. We talked a lot about blessings. We talked a lot about Ken, our beloved pastor, who suddenly and unexpectedly died in February. We talked a lot about GOD! I love to talk to my husband about GOD. He always helps me remember what I'm here for. NPayne has a servant's heart and mind. He grew up without a lot, but he knows that he was and is still rich....no matter what the financial situation....no matter what he has or doesn't. He knows that he's rich. I will admit that it's frustrating to me sometimes to not be able to do, repair, go, or buy some of the things I would really like to; but....I too know that I'm rich in blessings. Not in material things, although we do have lots of those too, but in relationships and experiences and life.....in blessings. I think I've written about blessings on my blog before, and what I think being blessed means. I know that having stuff is a gift and living in the country where freedom rings is a gift, but I don't think our things, our stuff, our material items are blessings. I think they are results of circumstances of where we are blessed to live, where we are blessed to work, etc. To me....being blessed....means so much more than having a nice house, 2 good cars, plenty of food, clothes, money, etc. To me....being blessed.....means having the opportunity to work hard, have many freedoms, a healthy life, but mainly being blessed means having relationships that grow you and nurture you....whether those be friends, family, church family or all of the above. I am very thankful for our stuff, but I know that I would be joyful in the Lord if I didn't have it as well. When someone says...."We are so blessed" and is pointing to their large house and car in the driveway....I can't help but think: I wonder how the poverty stricken people who live all over the world feel about that. Are they not blessed because they don't have those things? Honestly I think not....actually I know not. I know there are many people in our world, who don't have stuff, many who don't even have enough food, many who don't have their health; but they are still joyful in the Lord....so in my eyes....they are more blessed than many!

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