Thursday, June 2, 2011

Inconsideration.....ONE OF MY BIGGEST PET PEEVES!

Let me begin this post by saying the following: I don't consider a family of seven (2 adults and 5 children) to be an extremely large family. In fact, I don't even consider five children to be a lot. But....apparently many people do. One thing I've noticed as my children have gotten older and involved in extra curricular activities is this....teachers, coaches, etc. often think that their activity or sport should be the center of your child's life and never consider that their may be other children in your life. I have also noticed that rarely do they take into consideration that you may have another child, to pick up or drop off somewhere, when they decide at the last minute to change practice or have the child stay after school for something. I've also noticed that there seems to be a lack of regard to being prompt. Sure my child may come in a few minutes late, because I had to pick up or drop off another; and be scolded (oftentimes even to the point of humiliation). But it is perfectly okay for them to keep my child 15 minutes later than the activity dismissal time just because they haven't quite perfected whatever they're working on.....hence making one of my other children late to something or wait an extra 15 minutes for me to pick them up. Do you see the cycle here? One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is inconsideration....what I have described above is something that I find to be extremely inconsiderate to me and to my children. It's a fine line we walk....if we nicely inform the teacher, coach, etc. that my child needs to be ready at said pick up time....then we run the risk of them being treated differently because we had the nerve to speak up. If we never address it, then it seems to get worse and worse and eventually I don't want my child to participate in that particular activity any longer....just due to the lack of consideration. I'm a believer in the "Kill Them With Kindness" approach, so that is usually what I do; BUT....I have also been known to vent about this lack of consideration to my children which is not ideal either. I don't want them to feel badly about something they cannot help, but I do want them to know what it means to be considerate and respectful of peoples' time and family. I am going to end this post with this....Thank Goodness It's Summer!

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