Saturday, June 11, 2011


Several more photos to post, life has been busy.
Tomorrow NPayne and my oldest are leaving town and heading to New Iberia Louisiana on a mission trip. Although I have yet to go on a mission trip, I know that I would LOVE it. They have been several times now, and each year they come back more blessed by the experience. My girl had to choose between a trip to Colorado with her girl scout troop and mission trip, and she chose mission trip. She had to choose between a mandatory week of drumline camp and risking losing her spot and mission trip, and she chose mission trip. It makes me happy, and I know it makes God happy, to see that she has been so blessed by serving others, that she can't wait to do it again. Choosing to give up some really important and fun things....but she knows that HE is most important. Being His hands and feet and sharing His love and Holy Spirit is the most important. I will confess that she loves to go for the fellowship and fun they all have together, but my Addi works her tail end off while she's there; and so does NPayne. I will miss them so very much, but one week without them is worth the service they are providing to others. God is so good!

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