Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Do you ever have that undeniable feeling that God is so present at that particular moment? That feeling that you are completely enveloped in HIS love? I know God is present at every moment, but I'm talking about truly feeling His I could feel His arms around me or His hand holding mine. I had one of those treasures today. I was driving to the private lake where one of my lifelong friends lives. As I was driving, I was wrestling with many thoughts.....many thoughts. I was thinking about the new pastor that is joining our church today. I was thinking about my pastor Ken who I miss dearly. I was thinking about Ken's wife who I admire immensely. Then I started thinking about other trials that have occurred over the last few months, trials that I really wish I could have talked with Ken about....mainly at my job. Many changes have occurred there, and although I think change is a good thing....these changes have been extremely difficult....because they have affected me personally. Not that they haven't affected everyone there in some fashion, but some more than others. I am one of those "SOME"! It has been an extremely difficult few months for me personally, and there have been many things happen that have been so much more painful than I ever imagined. God led me one way, and although it was a leap of faith and a hard decision....I obeyed, because I knew He was telling me to jump. And although the result has not been the way I think it should have been; I am glad that I obeyed His calling. I also know that it will be okay. I do know that it will be okay. From the start of all of this change, I have known that it will be okay....I have known that. With the hurt came many other emotions and confusion, but today....while I was driving....I said out loud...."HE IS TAKING CARE OF ME!" I wasn't really sure why I said that, and then I realized it wasn't me that said was HIM! When I said it, I was almost much so....that I had to look around to see if anyone else heard what I had heard/ see if they heard His voice as I did. I felt like Jesus was sitting in the passenger seat of my car. It's not that I haven't known all along that HE IS TAKING CARE OF ME, it's that I have been on this unsettling and confusing roller coaster ride (without a seatbelt) for the last few months. Today, for the first time, I felt at complete peace about the change. This doesn't mean that I agree with all the changes being made, but I am at peace with them. I started thinking that maybe He called me to that particular situation just to see if I would say yes and be obedient....maybe the end result wasn't really His goal....maybe me saying "YES" was! I am not sure what lies ahead for me at my job, but what I do know is that it is not something I need to worry about....because HE IS TAKING CARE OF ME!

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