Friday, August 12, 2011

It's Hot In Texas

I live in Texas....North Texas....and it's hot....and we need some rain. We've been teased the last two days, that maybe, just maybe it might rain....but it hasn't. My grass is yellow and completely dead, our flowers are dying (although we do water them a little), and I'm sure the foundation under our house is wondering...."What is going on? Why is it so stinkin' hot?" We are on water rationing, but we have chosen not to water our yard at all; and here is why!
1. NPayne is not a fan of yardwork, so he is not that concerned that our yard is dead.
2. Our outside faucet, the one and only in the front yard, has a horrible leak which would be a horrible waste of water.
3. Our sprinkler doesn't work.
4. There are farmers losing their crops due to lack of water....their livelihood.
5. There are farmers and ranchers losing their livestock due to lack of water....their livelihood and animals' lives.
6. The lakes are low which means our water supply is low which means I'm afraid there may come a day that we don't have any water.
7. Anytime I'm on the highway, which isn't often, I see those big signs that say...."We are in a severe drought!" It sorta makes me feel guilty about wishing I was watering my grass.
So what I'm saying is stinks that our grass is dead and our flowers are dying and our house is going to end up with a thousand new cracks in the walls whenever the rain does wet our foundation again, BUT...having a nice green yard, and beautifully blooming flowers and a nice moist foundation is not worth people losing their crops, their cattle, doing without water all together! So we made a conscious choice, and we hope it helps someone somewhere!

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