Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I've discovered, or maybe I have known, that I am sort of an oxymoron about many things.

I'm an amateur expert at photography.
I have anticipated serendipity.
I often agree to disagree.
I am awfully nice.
I often feel alone in a crowd.
I find that I am almost done with many things but still have lots to do.
I am an advanced beginner name it, many things.
I have been experiencing good grief lately.
I'm a harmless sinner.
I find myself fighting for peace in my household (from time to time).
My favorite so far is that I am waiting patiently....for some things to change....and am realizing that they may not....and that I will have to find my perfect peace where I know I should look but continue to not look, because it may be more work than I anticipated to be content.

I hope you understood that organized confusion!

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