Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How Do You Pray?

I pray for people I don't know. Yes I do. I pray for people, that I don't know that others may ask me to pray for. I pray for people, that I don't know but have stumbled across their need for prayer. I pray for people I don't know in a general, blanket type of prayer. Yes I do. I have been praying for Kate McRae for a few years now. I have never met Kate or anyone in her family, but still I pray. Kate is a little girl with a brain tumor. Tonight when I read her blog, that her mother writes, I realized that I have only been visiting it when I have a moment....which honestly isn't that often lately, but I also realized that I have only been praying for her and her family when I visit the blog. That is a PROBLEM. I need to be more intentional in praying for those who have asked me to and those who have not. I will admit that oftentimes when I'm sitting in the carpool lane, at a stop light, in the bath tub, reading my devotional; I will talk to God and pray for those who need it. Sometimes I become overwhelmed with the amount of people who ask me to pray for people I know and don't know, so I try to keep a prayer list; so I don't forget one. Now I know, and you know that He knows who needs prayer; and He knows what's on my heart and mind. But I know that you know that He enjoys it when we talk to Him....although He already knows what we are going to pray. He wants us to come to Him for everything.....prayers for needs and wants, prayers for praise and thanksgiving, prayers of supplication, EVERYTHING! I pray a lot....not as often as I should but a lot, and I always start my conversation....because I usually do prayer as if God and I were talking with each other.....with praise and thanksgiving. Then I get into the specific requests, the love, the blanket requests. Sometimes I don't say anything but simply "THANK YOU!" and that's enough!

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