Tuesday, September 18, 2012


So I have all these weird and irritating ailments going on right now.  Seriously if it's not one thing, it's another.  Yesterday I visited an orthopedist, because my shoulder has been bothering me.  Apparently playing beach volleyball in Alabama didn't work out for me.  Anyway I had two cortisone shots in my shoulder, and the doc said "It could get really sore today".  Ahem.....that was an understatement. After being in tears most of the afternoon from the pain, I have just taken my fourth hydrocodone.  It has relieved the excrutiating part, but the constant throbbing is still there; and it makes me itch like crazy.  PT starts Monday, and then we will go from there.  He did see a bone spur and lots of arthritis in the xray, and I am hoping there is no torn rotator cuff.  We won't know that unless I have an MRI!  Seriously.....it's a problem.  I've also been referred to a RA doc.  I've been avoiding that for years, but my arthritis symptoms are daily and have been for some time; so I guess I'll go see what they have to say.  I pray none of my children inherit arthritis....it's amazing how the pain in your toe that arthritis causes can really impact a person.  So that's ailment number uno.  I'll be visiting a GI specialist on Wednesday to see what's up with the swallowing problem I've been having.  I was hoping it was gall bladder related, but it wasn't.  So now I guess I'm hoping it's acid reflux related....that seems like the best of the worst case scenarios I've read on google.  That problem is more irritating than anything else....feeling like you're choking on your own spit is annoying.  So that's ailment number dos.  Then after visiting the dentist this summer, I was referred to a periodontist for receding gumline.  I've had that problem for years, so I knew this time would come.  It appears that I am going to need some surgery (skin grafting)....yes that just sounds problematic to me.  However since three of my teeth have basically no gum tissue surrounding them, I have to have this done to avoid complete tooth decay.  I am going to admit that when one of the questions I was asked at my initial visit was...."Do you want to keep all of your teeth"?  I became a little alarmed.   Truthfully most of this stuff I just see as a nuisance.  Although I have an extremely high pain tolerance, I am certainly not looking forward to any of these things; but the main stressor for me is the cost.  Our insurance doesn't cover any of this until we meet our gazillion dollar deductible, and it won't cover the several thousand dollar skin grafting surgery at all.  As I was sitting in the orthopedist office today, calculating in my head the potential cost of all of this and how on earth we were going to pay for it; I looked up and said....."God, I'm giving this to you.  I know you will provide and help us figure out how to pay for all of this".  Now I just have to make sure I've given him that worry completely and quit trying to take it back.  I need to trust Him.  When I filled NPayne in on all of this, I promised him I would be worth it when I was all better.  Without hesitating, he replied with "YOU ARE WORTH IT!"  Thank God for NPayne!  If there are any typos above, please forgive....I am on my 4th hydrocodone, and it is 4:30 in the morning.

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